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The Geneveve™ treatment is both safe and effective and was specifically designed to help the millions of women who would otherwise silently accept vaginal laxity and the associated conditions.

The Geneveve™ treatment is both safe and effective. The treatment was specifically designed to help the millions of women who would otherwise silently accept vaginal laxity and the associated conditions.

Women’s Health and Wellness

There are many changes a women’s body goes through throughout her lifetime, which include the decline of the vaginal lining due to the slowdown of collagen production. When collagen fibers decrease, the walls in the vagina lose their tautness. Pregnancy, childbirth, age, and genetic disposition can make the laxity more pronounced. Laxity in the vaginal walls can also decrease vaginal sensation and satisfaction during sexual intercourse disrupting a woman’s sexual confidence and sexual health.

There are a number of reasons why we chose the Geneveve™ treatment over other non-surgical devices as well; Geneveve™ treatment offers a single treatment due to it’s patented cooling that allows for a comfortable and deeper treatment resulting in long-term results versus coming in for multiple treatments. It is also a much less intrusive procedure than other devices and the ONLY device currently seeking FDA approval for treatment of sexual function.

The Geneveve™ treatment is designed to benefit thousands of women and improved their health and quality of life. It is a state-of-the-art treatment designed to restore vaginal tightness, and address stress urinary incontinence (SUI) unlike any other device out there. The Geneveve™ treatment uses clinically-proven cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) to uniformly deliver gentle volumetric heating while cooling delicate surface tissue. This unique technology stimulates the body’s natural collagen formation process.

Because Geneveve™ uses tiny pulses of gentle energy, the right amount of heat – for the right amount of time – is delivered to reinvigorate tissue. Unlike the alternatives, this treatment is more comfortable and only requires a single-session for tightening and strengthening the tissue. We encourage you to take advantage of the Gulf Coast Institute of Rejuvenation’s free consultation to determine if Geneveve™ may be the right treatment for you.

That Renewed Feeling

With just one comfortable 30-minute treatment we’ll get you back to your regular activities immediately and on your way to feeling even more sensational.

The Geneveve treatment stimulates the body’s own renewal response to gradually restore healthy collagen and to give soft tissue a youthful tone and resiliency. The dualmode Geneveve treatment cools and protects the surface while heating deeper tissue. Because Geneveve uses tiny pulses of gentle energy, the right amount of heat – for the right amount of time – is delivered to reinvigorate tissue.

No magic – just safe, effective and comfortable gentle heating and surface cooling.

What to Expect with Geneveve™

At Gulf Coast Rejuvenation we’ll assess each patient’s goals and expectations prior to the procedure and also defines a baseline for your areas of concern. We will review the system’s capabilities and clarify with you the expectations of the treatment.

The treatment itself is quick and is performed in our office, and lasts anywhere from 30 t0 35 minutes depending on treatment goals. Anesthetic isn’t needed for the procedure. We take extensive measures to ensure that the treatment area is cleansed before the treatment begins. The instrument head is smooth and about the size and outline of a toothbrush head. Using lubricant, it is inserted just an inch or two to treat the muscles in the entry of the vagina. Patients will notice a warm or cool sensation during the procedure, but should not feel any pain.

During the procedure, the device will emit pulses of monoplar energy, penetrating 3mm to 5mm of connective tissue. This helps stimulate collagen production in the vaginal walls.

There is no downtime associated with the procedure and you are able to resume all of your normal activities immediately following, although we do recommend two days without intercourse. Side effects that may occur include mild redness, swelling, or a tingling sensation after treatment, which should resolve quickly. An extensive overview of side effects is provided upon completion of the procedure. All Geneveve™ patients are provided with Dr. Rosalyn George’s personal contact information if any concerns arise outside of normal business hours.

Results from this treatment are both immediate and progressive. You should notice an increase in nerve sensitivity and strong muscle contractions, along with increased lubrication and reduction of urinary leakage.

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The treatment is designed for improving women’s health and overall quality of life.

What Women Are Saying About The Geneveve Treatment


“I feel much more confident and much more desirable.”


“Since having the Geneveve treatment, I feel like I’m one step closer to having my pre-baby body back.”


“We feel a whole lot closer in the bedroom and I’m a whole new woman!”

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Frequently Asked Questions About Geneveve

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the following list.

What is the Geneveve treatment?

Geneveve is a treatment that uses gentle deep heating and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s natural collagen formation process. It is a comfortable, single-session, 30-minute treatment. Geneveve does not require local or topical anesthesia or analgesics and is performed by a trained healthcare professional in an outpatient setting.

Who can have the Geneveve treatment?

Your doctor will determine if Geneveve is right for you given your medical history, However, you should NOT consider Geneveve if you have an implantable pacemaker or an Automatic Implantable Cardioverter/Defibrillator (AICD) or any other implantable metal device.

Who can benefit from Geneveve?

Geneveve is suitable for anyone over the age of 18, and new mothers at least six months post-delivery and/or post-nursing.

How long will the visits last?

The procedure takes about 30-minutes to complete, so you can expect to be in the office around 45 minutes total. If we are treating for SUI (stress incontinence) the appointment time is slightly longer at an hour and fifteen minutes.

How many treatments will I need to see full benefits?

The beauty of Geneveve™ is that you only need one treatment, unlike other treatments currently on the market. Repeat treatments are possible to maintain tightness in the vaginal wall.

What does the treatment feel like?

The tip is rotated while it alternately cools the surface and heats the soft tissue beneath. Patients have tolerated the procedure with no issue and no anesthetic necessary, with the ability to maintain their normal lifestyle afterwards.

Who performs the treatment?

The Geneveve treatment is performed by a trained healthcare practitioner in a medical office or outpatient clinic.

Is the Geneveve treatment safe and effective?

Yes! Clinical studies have shown that the Geneveve treatment is safe as well as effective.

Can I talk to a healthcare professional?

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