Amino Blend


Our unique Amino Blend formula combines four amino acids which may stim­u­late the body’s natural pro­duc­tion of growth hormone.

How do they work?

Argi­nine is an amino acid which stim­u­late pituitary release of growth hormone and pro­lactin and pan­cre­atic release of glucagon and insulin. Argi­nine may aid in wound healing and help metab­o­lize stored body fat and tone muscle tissue.

Glu­t­a­mine is con­sid­ered to be a ‘con­di­tion­ally essential’ amino acid because under normal con­di­tions dietary intake and syn­the­sis from glutamate maintain adequate amounts. However, dur­ing times of catabolic stress, trauma, or infection, L-glutamine needs are greater due to decreased con­cen­tra­tions and increased tissue glu­t­a­mine metab­o­lism. Glu­t­a­mine may also boost the level of growth hormone and increase muscle size if accom­pa­nied with resistance training.

Lysine is an essential amino acid, meaning it can not be syn­the­sized in the body and must be ingested daily via the diet or via sup­ple­men­ta­tion. Lysine is needed for growth, tissue repair, and the pro­duc­tion of anti­bod­ies, hormones, and enzymes.

Ornithine may stim­u­late the pituitary gland to continue to produce growth hormone, which can reju­ve­nate your metab­o­lism. Ornithine may stim­u­late insulin secretion and helps insulin work as an anabolic hormone. Taking extra ornithine could increase the levels of argi­nine in the body.

The ben­e­fits of injections over oral supplementation:

  • Oral absorption is much more variable than injections. 
Injectable drugs can have a more rapid onset of action
. Generally there is greater bioavail­abil­ity with injections compare to oral administration.
  • The com­bi­na­tion of these com­po­nents could encourage weight loss and lean muscle growth when combined with proper nutrition and resistance training.

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Amino Blend