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How Do You Determine the Right Anti-aging Fillers and Injectables for YouAnti-aging Fillers

If you are new to the world of cosmetic aesthetics, you are probably confused about which dermal filler you should request when you call for your appointment. Don’t feel left out—most newcomers don’t know what to expect or how to choose the right filler for the purpose. While our aestheticians are here to answer all of your questions, start with these simple questions to determine the right anti-aging fillers for you.

What are your target areas?

Different fillers are designed for different target areas. Although there is quite a bit of overlap, our aestheticians are experts in determining the right filler for your specific issue. Everyone is different, and it is important that you get a treatment that will give you the look you want. Juvederm has a number of fillers for different target areas.

How do you feel about pharmaceuticals?

There are two primary types of dermal fillers—those with hyaluronic acid and those with synthetic compounds. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body as part of the skin’s healing response. If you prefer to use products that mimic your natural body as much as possible, these fillers are preferred. On the other hand, if you trust the safety of pharmaceuticals, a synthetic filler might be more appropriate for your desired look.

What is your budget?

If you’re on a tight budget for your treatment, you might want to take a look at our specials to see if we are offering a discount on a dermal filler that will work for you. If you’re not sure what filler that might be, contact us today to schedule a consultation.