Are Radiofrequency Treatments Safe for the Skin?Radiofrequency Treatments

Radiofrequency technology is used all around us every day in varying forms. Because most Americans are exposed to a certain amount of radiofrequency on a daily basis, there have been many studies about whether or not radiofrequency waves are safe. With radiofrequency treatments like our Vivace treatments, there has been renewed concern about whether or not controlled doses of radiofrequency are safe. Here’s what you need to know from the experts.

WHO Classification

The World Health Organization, or WHO, classifies radiofrequency as “possibly carcinogenic.” This means that they believe radiofrequency waves may or may not contribute to cancer. This isn’t as dire as it sounds. In fact, other things listed as possibly carcinogenic include coffee and power lines. In truth, there has only been one out of many studies that determined that radiofrequency could cause cancer. But that study was never confirmed by anyone else, and the results could not be duplicated.

Federal Communications Commission Findings

The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, deals with the potential risks of radiofrequency on a daily basis. They have been a part or recipient of data collection and studies about the potential harms of RF technology. Their official position is that while some experimental data suggests it may cause cancer, the bottom line is that there have been no other links established between cancer and radiofrequency.

Side Effects

While radiofrequency is very safe, it can cause some side effects when used for skincare or anti-aging treatments, such as with the Vivace technology that we use in our office. The main potential side effect of applying radiofrequency to the skin is the potential for burns due to the thermal heating effect. However, if you get these treatments from a well-trained and experienced aesthetician, the RF is strictly controlled to avoid these risks.

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