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 Biote Hormone TherapyBiote hormone therapy is just one of the many treatment options for decreasing sexual hormones. Sexual hormones for both men and women decrease over time with age, environmental factors, and medical conditions. Even some medications can play with hormone levels and cause problems. These hormone changes can be very troubling, leading to additional health concerns. Biote hormone therapy is one of the best ways to combat these declining levels of hormones.

What Makes Biote Different?

Biote hormone therapy is a bit different from other hormone replacement therapy treatments. Biote uses bioidentical hormones for your treatment. Bioidentical hormones are those that are derived from plants and animals but are chemically identical to the hormones produced naturally in the human body. Other hormone treatments use chemically engineered hormones, which have been proven to cause other health problems including an increased risk of cancer.

Administration Difference

There is also a difference in how the hormones are delivered. Chemically engineered hormones might be taken as a supplement, or they might be administered through a patch, tablet, or ring. Biote hormone therapy uses pellets that are placed just beneath the surface of the skin. These pellets slowly release hormones as you need them. The pellet lasts two or three months, after which time a new pellet is placed. This means that your hormone therapy does not get interrupted, and you don’t really have to think about it other than at your appointments.


There are a lot of benefits to hormone therapy. Women will experience an improvement in vaginal dryness and sexual wellness. Men will enjoy increased sexual function and the building up of lean muscle. Men and women both can experience a decrease in risk of certain cancers with Biote hormone therapy.

If you are ready to try Biote hormone therapy for yourself, contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.