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How does Geneveve work?

The Geneveve System uses patented, radio frequency (RF) technology to tighten the tissues around the vaginal introitus or opening.

At the beginning of the procedure, a smooth tip about the size of your thumb will be inserted just inside the vaginal opening. The tip is rotated around the opening alternatively cooling the surface tissue and gently heating the tissue beneath.

It’s dual heating and cooling capability triggers the body’s own natural regenerative process that leads to new and stronger collagen maintaining patient safety and comfort.

Unlike surgical vaginal reconstruction procedures, the Geneveve System can tighten vaginal tissue without incisions, tissue ablation, or anaesthesia. In addition, the procedure requires only a 30-minute treatment. Given the non-surgical nature of the treatment, patients experience minimal post-treatment restrictions and recovery times.

It has been tested in two prospective clinical trials; one in the U.S. and one in Japan. The goal was to assess the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. In both studies, sexual function and vaginal tightness improved significantly, to pre-childbirth levels, and was sustained through 12 months.

Discussing the changes a woman experiences after childbirth is the first step in identifying her concerns and discussing options to improve her quality of life. Because sex may change after kids, how it feels, doesn’t have to.

What is the Geneveve by Viveve Treatment?
The Geneveve by Viveve treatment involves just one-30 minute treatment, with no anaesthesia and no downtime.

Geneveve by Viveve is a natural non-surgical vaginal tightening procedure. It’s not about how you look, but how you feel. It is a painless, medical treatment that can increase the amount of pleasurable friction and sensation during intercourse. It works at the cellular level to tighten the tissue at the vaginal opening from within, gently and gradually.

Geneveve treats the condition of vaginal laxity, which results from over stretching the vaginal introital (opening) tissue during childbirth. As a result of this tissue damage, women can experience a decrease in sexual satisfaction and physical sensation during intercourse, which may adversely impact their sexual health and quality of life.

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