Did you know that more than 29-40% of men are unhappy with their appearance, weight and muscle tone? Even after following a healthy diet and exercise routine, it can be challenging to achieve targeted fat loss. But CoolSculpting for men can help you reach your aesthetic goals.

CoolSculpting for men has proven to be a popular choice among men. This targeted treatment is painless and without any risks, it is now one of the go-to solution for men especially when it comes to targeted fat loss in chin, stomach, love handles, beer belly,chest and some uncomfortable areas where they are reportedly most unhappy. If you’ve considered CoolSculpting for men, but were unsure if the procedure was right for you, here’s what to know.


Coolsculpting for men

Coolsculpting uses advanced cooling technology called cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, to eliminate unwanted pockets of body fat. Any cells that are damaged by the temperature change become vulnerable to being more easily removed with the applicator cups. In this treatment, the applicator cups cool the skin directly above unwanted fat cells to temperatures between 30° and 39° Fahrenheit to freeze cells beyond repair.

Once unwanted fat cells are frozen, the body mostly processes them as waste. For men who uphold a healthy diet and consistent workout routine, losing fat cells in the treatment area can reveal a more chiseled, toned appearance. It’s important to keep in mind that about one session of CoolSculpting for men can result in up to a 25% reduction in overall fat layer thickness and 2mm reduction around the abdomen post-treatment.

Coolsculpting for Men

How come coolsculpting for men becoming so popular?

CoolSculpting is the number one non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world, with more than 8 million treatments performed worldwide, its popularity is on a rise. In particular, CoolSculpting for men has become an increasingly popular option for targeted fat reduction across problem-prone areas of the male body, namely the chest and stomach.

What is it about this medspa treatment that appeals to men?

Despite having more lean muscle  than women, men are more likely to accumulate stubborn belly fat. The infamous “beer belly” and man boobs can be brought on by too much stomach fat. Storing too much stomach fat not only increases the risk of many health conditions, from cardiovascular problems to high blood pressure, but it also decreases testosterone production. Testosterone is a critical hormone for the development of typical masculine physical characteristics, including muscle mass, strength, and growth of facial and body hair. CoolSculpting has been designed to accelerate the fat removal process in certain areas where men struggle with traditional diet and exercise alone.

Since men are also statistically less likely to dedicate time for the sake of their aesthetic appearance, it’s a major benefit that CoolSculpting can be completed during an average lunch break, with no downtime required. Men experience the same concern as women: time to look good. That’s why CoolSculpting is an ideal option to take care of your problem. It doesn’t require any downtime and can be done quickly during lunchtime, making it perfect for a busy schedule. The results are natural and the end result will complement your hard work in the gym.

Some of the most popular coolsculpting for men treatment areas

There are always certain areas of your body that seem hard to reach or tone for various reasons. When these tough areas alter your weight-loss progress, CoolSculpting may be able to help. This treatment can target excess fat deposits around the stomach and chest, and you’ll see results in just four sessions!

From beer bellies to man boobs, here are the top CoolSculpting for men treatment areas:

  1. Stomach Fat (Beer Belly): CoolSculpting stomach fat can help accelerate the fat removal process, with nearly a 2mm reduction in the fat layer after only one session.
  2. Double Chin: CoolSculpting the double chin, known medically as the submental area, can freeze unwanted fat cells for a 2mm reduction in the noticeable fat layer
  3. Love Handles: CoolSculpting love handles, also referred to as flanks, can help for a chiseled appearance with an 18.7% reduction in the fat layer following cryolipolysis treatment.
  4. Chest Fat (Man Boobs): CoolSculpting along the pectorals to eliminate chest fat can result in a 25% reduction in fat layer thickness after a single session.

Importance of selecting an expert coolsculpting provider

Not all CoolSculpting is equal. CoolSculpting is a personalized fat loss treatment that’s tailored to each client and their individual body goals. It is a highly technique-sensitive procedure, and the quality of your fat freezing results depends heavily on the training and expertise of your provider.

“CoolSculpting should be done at Gulf Coast Institute of Rejuvenation because we have the latest CoolSculpting technology available and expert providers,” explains Cheryl , Lead Aesthetician at Gulf Coast Institute of Rejuvenation with more than 10 years of experience in medical aesthetics and over 30 years as Nurse Prac­ti­tioner . “CoolSculpting is the best fat reduction treatment because it is non-invasive, effective, and safe.”

Experience coolsculpting for men at gulf coast institute of rejuvenation

When it comes to CoolSculpting, don’t settle for a provider that’s anything short of spectacular. At Gulf Coast Institute of Rejuvenation, our Master CoolSculpting Specialists have been performing body contouring since 2008, which makes us Florida’s most experienced body contouring provider. We offer premium men’s services for clients of all ages.

Whether you want to chisel your chest and stomach or eliminate a stubborn double chin, the time is now to experience CoolSculpting for men. We offer customized treatment plans, including CoolSculpting Elite technology, for noticeable results you can see and feel. Don’t wait, accelerate fat reduction today with time-tested CoolSculpting for men. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today.