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Have you been on the fence about vaginal rejuvenation? We offer Viveve radiofrequency treatments for vaginal rejuvenation, and these treatments are minimally invasive and completely safe. There are few, if any, side effects; and the treatment is painless. There really isn’t any reason not to try it for yourself.

The treatment works by using radio frequencies to stimulate collagen production, strengthening the pelvic floor and vaginal walls. While your vagina will never be as it was before children and the change, you can give it a boost. It does take more than one treatment to achieve desired results.

If you’re still not sure about vaginal rejuvenation with Viveve, here are three good reasons to go ahead and try the procedure.

Improved Bladder Control

Vaginal rejuvenation helps to strengthen the pelvic floor, which is a big factor in controlling bladder issues. Many women who have had multiple vaginal births or are going through menopause experience a weakening of the pelvic floor and a thinning of the vaginal wall. These can both cause bladder control issues, including urge and stress incontinence.

Decreased Discomfort

Your vagina goes through a lot of changes as you go through pregnancies, births, and finally the change of life. All of these changes can mean that you find discomfort in intercourse. You may even find it impossible to use tampons, even if you used them previously. When the vaginal wall is strengthened and remodeled, it helps decrease or eliminate this discomfort.

Increased Pleasure and Lubrication

Many women going through perimenopause experience decreased sensation as the vaginal walls become thin and less elastic. These women also often have problems with self-lubrication. Vaginal rejuvenation corrects both of these problems, making sex much more enjoyable.

If you are interested in learning more about our vaginal rejuvenation services, we are available to answer all of your questions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.