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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Your body uses hormones in many physical functions. They are produced and released by various organs and tissues, which then use the blood to communicate with other organs, muscles, skin, and tissues. The brain sends signals (hormones) to inform the body of the right action at the right moment.

If your hormone levels drop or veer slightly out of balance, you are affected by both emotional (mood swings, anxiety, and depression) and physical levels (weight loss or gain, high blood pressure, decreased sex drive, hot flashes, low libido, and osteoporosis). Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies help people overcome their hormonal imbalance problems when their hormone levels fall or become out of balance.

What is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?

Hormones that have undergone special processing to resemble the hormones made by your body’s glands are known as Bio-Identical hormones. The hormones in Bio-Identical drugs may be identical to those used in conventional hormone therapy. This hormone therapy is the most similar to natural hormones.

They are easily absorbed because they are chemically similar to those hormones produced by your body and come in a variety of forms. One common form of hormone therapy on the market right now is natural hormone therapy derived from plants. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved these natural hormones after extensive processing.

Components of bio-identical hormone

Hormones from plants are processed and used in Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy to help aid the repair of hormonal imbalances. The three Bio-identical hormones most frequently used are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Other kinds of Bio-Identical hormones out there have either been combined or compounded. Even while it is frequently stated that products created from plants are “natural” options, once they have undergone processing, they have undergone laboratory alteration and are no longer “natural.” There are several ways of administering Bio-Identical hormone therapy. A few of these ways include pills, patches, creams, and even inserted pellets.

Contrasting bio-identical hormone therapy with traditional hormone therapy

In comparison to traditional hormone therapy, compounded Bio-Identical hormones are promoted as being safer, more efficient, all-natural, and customized. These assertions are not, however, backed up. Additionally, the absence of FDA regulation of compounded hormones creates new dangers for the safety and efficacy of compounded Bio-Identical hormones. The same components found in FDA-approved Bio-Identical hormones are frequently used in custom hormone formulations, although some contain extra hormones. No goods endorsed by the FDA contain these extra hormones since they have not undergone the necessary testing.

Reasons for using bio-identical hormone therapy

For various reasons, individuals need to take replacement hormones. Age or major life transitions like menopause might sometimes be to blame. Your health and general well-being can be enhanced by taking some hormones your body no longer produces. Your body may experience unpleasant sensations if the hormones are not balanced properly. With the help of Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), you can replace the hormones your body no longer produces.

Progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen are some of the hormones your body needs. Still, due to different challenges of life, it may stop producing them or produce them in very little quantity, which leads to hormonal imbalance. Low hormone levels frequently cause symptoms such as sweats during the night, heat flashes, little or no interest in sexual activity, and even difficulty in sleeping as well as mood swings and loss of memory. Bio-Identical hormone therapy aims to replace these lost or low hormone levels. Most persons experience improved symptoms after their hormone levels are raised.

Benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

BHRT can be quite beneficial for dealing with menopause and the unpleasant symptoms that come with it, among other benefits. Benefits of Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy include the following:

Lowers menopausal symptoms

There are numerous unpleasant symptoms brought on by low levels of progesterone and estrogen, including heat waves, night sweats, mood changes, and low energy. Regulation of these hormones, which induce painful menopause symptoms, is achieved through Bio-Identical hormone replacement treatment.

Encourages better sleep

Your sleep patterns can suffer when your hormone levels are abnormal. Your mood might also be impacted by little sleep. Your hormones are stabilized with Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy, which encourages better mood and sleep.

Mimics the natural hormones in your body

The closest thing to your actual hormones is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. The medication can be created in a lab just for you and tailored to meet your needs.

Enhances your sexual experience

Vaginal dryness and soreness during intercourse are common side effects of aging and declining estrogen levels; this may make you uncomfortable during sex or lead you to forego having any at all. Restoring estrogen levels with hormone replacement increases vaginal lubrication for better sex drive.

Enhances your hair and nail strength

Hair loss and brittle nails are just two examples of the issues that can occur when your hormone levels go below normal. Hormones can also affect your bones and your teeth. Your body produces more collagen thanks to Bio-Identical hormones, which also improve the strength of your hair and nails and make you seem younger.

Who should avoid using bio-identical hormones?

Although there has been some controversy surrounding Bio-Iidentical hormones, many of which are not FDA-approved, we still consider them a therapeutic option. Hormone replacement therapy might not be recommended if you have experienced issues with blood coagulation, mammary cancer, stroke, or illness of the heart and blood vessels, or if you are at high risk for them:

How quickly do bio-Identical hormones begin to function?

Bio-Identical hormone therapy can take a variety of times to start working. Within a few weeks, some individuals may get minor relief. Typically, it takes three months to experience the effects of any hormone therapy fully.

Risks and side effects associated with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

Hormone therapy has a lot of benefits and advantages, but there are also some downsides to it. Blood clots and gallbladder disease can occur in people who receive hormone therapy, whether BHRT or another type. Your chances of a stroke and breast cancer can both be slightly increased as well.

There is a learning curve when you initially start a course, much like with the majority of hormone therapies. As your body becomes used to the new hormone level, side effects may start within the first several weeks, but soon subside.

These side effects may include spotting, acne, increase in weight, bloating, increase in facial hair, headaches, and sensitive breasts. When applying your hormones with a patch, lotion, or gel, you also run the risk of experiencing itching or rashes.


People who experience the symptoms of hormonal imbalance will benefit from Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy. At Gulf Coast Institute of Rejuvenation, we can assess your health and the health of your body to determine if BHRT is right for you and choose the approach that works best for you!