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Many women focus on the lines and wrinkles that appear with age. But one of the things that really makes a person look older is losing the volume in their cheeks and mid-face. Losing this volume can make lines and wrinkles more pronounced, as well as give you a sunken look. There are a lot of dermal fillers out there, but only one that is FDA approved specifically to reverse this sign of aging.

Specifically Designed for a Fuller Face

Juvederm Voluma is the only FDA approved dermal filler specifically designed to fill out the cheeks and mid-face area. This dermal filler produces a tightly cross-linked gel that is stiff enough to add lasting volume to your face. It is the only dermal filler that is comparable is Radiesse, which is also a stiff gel but not FDA approved for filling the cheeks.

Can Be Reversed

Because Juvederm Voluma is formulated using hyaluronic acid, it can be easily partially or fully dissolved if you are not happy with the results. If your face seems too full, or you decide that you don’t like the way it looks, the process can be fully reversed with no side effects.

Long Lasting

If you do like your results with Juvederm Voluma, the good news is that it will last longer than any other dermal filler. This dermal filler lasts up to two years on average. Of course, each patient is different and individual results may vary. However, the fact remains that Juvederm Voluma is the longest lasting dermal filler of its kind.

If you are looking for a way to look younger for longer, consider a treatment of Juvederm Voluma to restore the fullness of your face. Contact our offices today for a consultation.