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Do you frequently feel tired and weak? Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Among other signs, there are warnings that your body may be lacking some important hormones. As we age, our hormone levels naturally decrease. For women, this means going through menopause. But while men don’t go through a specific timed change, they do have steadily decreasing testosterone. Here are three signs that you might need to get hormone replacement therapy.

Fatigue and Weakness

Both men and women will experience fatigue or extreme tiredness. You may also have difficulty sleeping which makes these symptoms worse. Feeling as though your muscles are weak can also be a symptom of low hormones. When you find yourself sleeping a lot more than you should or struggling to get through your work day without a nap, you might need hormone replacement therapy.

Sexual Symptoms

Both men and women will experience a decrease in sex drive or libido when hormones decrease below a certain level. Women may also experience discomfort during intercourse, vaginal dryness, and vaginal laxity. Men with low testosterone may experience difficulty in getting or keeping an erection. In both cases, hormone replacement therapy can reverse the effects.

Weight Gain

If you have unexplained weight gain, it could be a sign of decreased hormones. Your doctor may investigate other reasons for the weight gain, such as lifestyle and nutrition. Once these have been ruled out, and if you have other symptoms, the doctor will likely conclude that the weight gain is due to hormonal changes.

If you have these or other symptoms of decreased hormones, we can help. Contact us today for more information about hormone replacement therapy or to schedule your appointment.